ANVISA – Solicita System allows the addition of documents by third-party companies

ANVISA informs that the Solicita System now allows third parties companies to make amendments of documents to petitions. The new functionality can be used for process and petitions of the type “Inspection” and the company registered with ANVISA can authorize the sending of documentation by another company national or international.

According to ANVISA, the new functionality provide more security and reliability in the data sent by third parties and a reduction in the time spent to send documents and to analyse data.

For third parties being able to make the addition, it is necessary that the company registered with ANVISA create a petition with the subject “70666 – Third party authorization for amendment” linked to the petition of interest. After the petition is finalized, the registered company receives a token and a link to access the Solicita System in mailbox, which must be forwarded to the company that will carry out the amendment.

It is worth mentioning that after the conclusion of the amendment, both the third-party company and the company that authorized it, receive proof of filing for the petition in their mailbox.

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